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March 29th, 2017

Using VT iDirect's DVB-SX Technology, SES Garners Major Gains

VT iDirect, Inc. (iDirect) has announced another successful over-the-air (OTA) test of its next-generation DVB-S2X technology—the test was conducted with SES over C-band and achieved 5.7 bps/Hz.
The DVB-S2X forward channel and Adaptive TDMA return channel OTA testing was conducted on the SES-4 satellite and leveraged iDirect’s next-generation iQ Desktop Remote, Universal Line Cards and Intelligent Gateway appliance.

Artistic rendition of the SES-4 satellite.

VT iDirect recently announced its next-generation DVB-S2X technology, which is based on a powerful, customized ASIC (Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) chipset and powers the new iQ Series family of remotes. iDirect’s iQ Series, which will operate in both DVB-S2X and DVB-S2 mode, is targeted for broadband, enterprise, and mobility applications and packaged in desktop, rack-mount, board level and embedded compute form factors that will become available over the course of this year. The family of new remotes are software upgradeable to license added network capabilities and higher throughput levels, thereby reducing the cost of ownership, as well as improving flexibility across a broad array of markets.
With SES launching three GEO hybrid satellites with wide beams and high throughput capabilities this year, efficient bandwidth management is of utmost importance to our customers. We are pleased to see the bandwidth gains achieved over VT iDirect’s latest technology and will be looking forward to accelerated bandwidths and more efficient data services with the new standard,” said Steven Cooper, Vice President of Product Development and Network Planning, SES.
Wayne Haubner, Senior Vice President, Engineering & Emerging Technologies, VT iDirect, commented that the company's test with SES represents their first DVB-S2X forward channel testing over C-band and the first ATDMA return OTA testing with the iQ Desktop, which validates the DVB-S2X platform as being able to deliver significant performance and efficiency gains for SES’ customers. The milestone also expands the company's momentum as VT iDirect nears beta testing in advance of the commercial launch this year of the iQ Series Desktop and the Intelligent Gateway.