Satnews Daily
February 10th, 2011

SES WORLD SKIES... More For NSS-6 (Capacity)

[SatNews] SES WORLD SKIES, a division of SES S.A. (Euronext Paris and Luxembourg Stock Exchange: SESG) has signed an agreement with Supernet Limited, Pakistan’s leading satellite service provider, for high powered Ku-band transponder capacity on the NSS-6 satellite at the orbital location of 95 degrees East.

This capacity will support a large VSAT network for corporate customers in Pakistan. Supernet is already a customer of SES WORLD SKIES for 52 MHz of C-band transponder capacity on the NSS-12 satellite, which supports a 60 site GSM backhaul network for one of the leading GSM operators in Pakistan. With more than 16 years of experience, Supernet has deployed a number of satellite-based networks including four large GSM backhaul networks operating in Pakistan. Supernet also operates multiple VSAT hubs on different satellites to support corporate customers.