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April 8th, 2010

NAB... SIS LIVE: Lightweight Antenna Unit Easier To uPak

SIS LIVE will unveil uPak, a new Ku-band flat-panel antenna system for satellite contribution at low data rates at NAB. uPak, which weighs less than 50lbs (23kgs) and fits in a single IATA compliant case, is designed for users to send live video, data or voice communications via satellite.

The system is designed to work at between 512kb/s and 1024Kb/s upstream, and up to 10Mb/s downstream, making it ideal for broadcasters, NGOs and military applications. uPak is unique compared to other flat plate antennas in that it is smaller and more powerful than anything else on the market whilst being fully automated. The system locks onto the satellite automatically, with no manual pointing required, making it extremely easy to use. SIS LIVE has designed uPak to be user-friendly, allowing NGOs and military users to establish secure data and voice communications with a one-button operation, or for a broadcast cameraman to set-up quickly and be the first to send live video contributions from a breaking news story.