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August 21st, 2018

Finnish City Declares as the Capital of Space

An aerial view of the city of Seinäjoki in Finland.

Seinäjoki, a city of 63 000 inhabitants located in the Western part of Finland, is known for its high ambition levels and can-do attitude — now the city surrounded by spacious fields has declared itself the Capital of Space and introduces itself to Elon Musk.

For a city that does not really reach the top lists of the world’s biggest metropolises, declaring itself the Capital of Space can be considered somewhat a bold move. Despite that fact, that Seinäjoki is well known for the space surrounding it. In Seinäjoki the courage, attitude and desire to make dreams come true have always been world-class.

The Capital of Space... in Finland?

As if declaring itself the Capital of Space was not bold enough, Seinäjoki has also contacted Tesla-founder and space visionary Elon Musk on Twitter. Musk has always set his goals extremely high and has been able to see what the rest cannot yet see. This is all about a successful entrepreneur and a world-known, visionary person who is extremely passionate about space. It feels relevant for the Capital of Space to introduce itself to such a person.

The location of Seinäjoki in Finland.

The city would be delighted to have the Space X founder visit their surroundings. By declaring itself the Capital of Space, Seinäjoki promises space for all the good things. Even if the surrounding fields literally offer space in a geographical sense, the city is now talking about space in all the meanings of the word. Seinäjoki promises space for new experiences, bold ideas and happiness, among many other positive things. The declaration as the Capital of Space has been planned together with the disruption company TBWA\Helsinki.