Satnews Daily
December 11th, 2014

EMC + Ceona's On-Board Communications For Flagship O&G Vessel...Go 10,000 Feet Deep 

[SatNews] This vessel will be outfitted with on-board communications that parallel all of the ship's other jcutting edge elements.

Emerging Markets Communications (EMC) announced today that Ceona has selected the company to provide on-board communications solutions for its newest, most innovative field development asset, the Ceona Amazon. Christened on December 3rd, EMC delivered satellite connectivity services for the vessel's main operations, including voice, and crew welfare communications using SpeedNet for faster Internet browsing. 

Flagship of Ceona’s fleet, the in-house conceived and fully-owned Ceona Amazon symbolises the rationale behind the creation of Ceona as a forward-thinking contractor. Successfully named on the 3rd December 2014 at Bremerhaven, she will be equipped with a 570t multiple-lay pipe tower and two 400t offshore cranes able to work in tandem at Huisman's yard in Schiedam. She will be delivered early 2015.

The Ceona Amazon is a unique, one-stop-shop vessel with expanded storage capacity, 400mt mast cranes working in tandem, a 570mt laying tower, and a massive deck that can be configured to enable the installation of FPSOs, Semisubmersibles or TLPs. The massive field development asset will enter operations in early 2015 to support deepwater projects worldwide.

"The Ceona Amazon is designed with advanced features and technology to provide our global clients with the most efficient and safe field development services, whether EPIC or T&I contracts in the oil and gas market," said Mark Preece, EVP Business Development of Ceona. "We needed a global communications provider, with reliable network coverage to complement the high-tech capabilities of the Ceona Amazon," said Stuart Cameron, COO of Ceona. "We chose EMC as our connectivity service provider to leverage their global infrastructure, reliable satellite capacity, teleports and field support."

Emerging Markets Communication delivers satellite connectivity services using its Global Ku-Band Network, landing traffic in its Mount Jackson teleport facility in Washington D.C. The technical solution incorporates dual antennas to avoid blockage caused by the main pipe-laying tower on the vessel.

"We are excited to bring Ceona on as a customer to provide communications for its newest and most innovative field development vessel," said Jesus Barber, Sr. Vice President of Maritime Energy. "We look forward to supporting The Ceona Amazon in maintaining safe and efficient operations' services worldwide."

As part of the fully managed service, EMC provides field engineering support to maintain services. These field support centers are located in key oil and gas markets and store antennas, equipment, and spare parts for quick deployment of services.