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June 25th, 2018

ST Engineering Electronics Goes in Deep... Smart Satellite Connectivity in Maritime Markets and More

Two companies are teaming up to offer their customers in the maritime communications markets high performance, cost-effective satellite connectivity. ST Engineering Electronics’ partnership with global communications partner Orbit Communications Systems (Orbit) was announced in the lead-up to ConnecTech Asia 2018 taking place on June 26-28.

ST Engineering Electronics has been selected by Orbit, a provider of precision tracking-based communications solutions and airborne communications management systems, to supply its Agilis® Multi-Band Block Up Converters (BUCs) to strengthen Orbit’s maritime Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) system. 

Agilis 5 Watt C Band BUC The Agilis 5 Watt C Band BUC (Block-up Converter) provides a cost effective, high performance outdoor RF transmitter designed for a wide range of
satellite communication applications.

The compact Agilis® BUCs enable higher efficiencies with their improved radio frequency (RF) performance that accommodates higher uplink data transmission rates. Supporting band-switching flexibility, the BUCs allow seamless transfer between new space and legacy satellites, preventing connection loss and delivering superior connectivity under severe sea conditions. 

Goh Wai Pheng, General Manager, Satcom & Sensors Systems, ST Engineering Electronics said they are proud of the support and confidence their customers have in their ability to meet their stringent requirements. Their in-depth understanding of their customers’ satellite business needs, coupled with their highly engineered portfolio of satellite communications solutions, has enabled them to implement new and improved connectivity to meet unprecedented data demands from businesses and applications worldwide.

As ST Engineering’s Smart City growth plan is steadily gaining traction, ST Engineering Electronics will be showcasing its cutting-edge satellite communications capabilities that enable seamless connectivity at ConnecTech Asia, Level 1. 

Key exhibit highlights include: 

  • The Agilis Triband Solid State Power Amplifier, delivering premium performance and reliable microwave power amplification for satellite hub and remote terminals; 
  • The 1M Triband Manpack Satellite Terminal, a custom-built terminal that enables different frequency band use with a simple change of the feed system; 
  • Agilis 0.35M Communications-on-the-move (COTM) Terminal that provides immediate, effective and efficient satellite communications capability on the move 


Agilis Tri-band Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA) 

The Agilis Tri-band Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA) is an innovative concept in SSPAs. It allows the use of a single amplifer for multiband applications, delivering a 50 percent terminal cost reduction to customers through a single antenna instead of multiple band application. 

Supported by state-of-the-art technology, the Agilis SSPA provides high radio frequency power, and gains stability for uplink applications. It is also highly linear with guaranteed output power suitable for multi-carriers operation. 

Communications-On-The-Move Terminals (COTM) 

Agilis Flat Panel Manpack is a custom-built terminal with an eye in providing high reliability, superior innovation and choice for users.

The 0.35M Communications-on-the-move terminal (COTM) is compact and low profile, suitable for integration on land vehicles and platforms with space and/or system height constraints. It offers full automated tracking capability, enabling Beyond Line of Sight (BLOS), seamless and real-time broadband communications via GEO-Stationary Satellites while on-the-move in high mobility vehicles and platforms. The terminal provides robust satellite communications in moving vehicles, and unequalled mobile access to a broad spectrum of information services including video, data and imagery. 

Parabolic 1M Triband Manpack Satellite Terminal 

The 1M Triband Manpack Satellite Terminal is a custom-built terminal that provides high reliability, superior innovation and choice for users. Designed to provide voice, video and data via satellite link, the terminal supports both commercial and defence operations in harsh and challenging environmental conditions. 

The deployment of the manpack satellite terminal is easy with minimal assembly of separate parts, and the antenna alignment is also readily accomplished with the integration of the modem in the terminal. With its Tri-band capability, users can use the manpack satellite terminal in different frequency bands by simply changing the feed system. 

The 1M Triband Manpack satellite terminal is suited for use in places with no fixed communications infrastructure and limited access to vehicles. The system is man-portable and can be deployed quickly. The equipment includes BUC, LNB, Modem, Power Supply, M&C, GPS and battery. Given its innovative design, 1M Triband Manpack satellite terminal is considered to be one of the smallest and lightweight in the industry without reducing any of its functionality.