Satnews Daily
December 10th, 2010

AsiaSat... Ensuring Big Loves + Big Sparks (Content)

AsiaSat 3S
[SatBroadcasting(tm)] BIG CBS Networks Pvt. Ltd. has launched BIG CBS Prime, the first of its three new English entertainment channels, on AsiaSat 3S operated by Asia Satellite Telecommunications Co. Ltd. (AsiaSat).

BIG CBS Prime is a premium general entertainment channel that will soon be followed by two channels — BIG CBS Spark, an international youth entertainment channel, and BIG CBS Love, India’s first ever women’s entertainment channel, planned for launch in the next few months. These channels are broadcast in English from US broadcaster, CBS, and drawing content from the rich library of CBS Studios International. BIG CBS Networks’ target audience is the rapidly growing young, upwardly mobile segment of the Indian population.