Satnews Daily
November 10th, 2016

Gilat Is On The Tracks With Renfe

Now designated to provide broadband Internet on Renfe Operadora (Renfe) high speed trains throughout Spain is Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. (NASDAQ, TASE: GILT) who will incorporate their satellite on-the-move technology for this project.


Renfe, the state-owned railway company of Spain, is currently engaged in a major transformation and modernization project that includes an overhaul of their Information and Communications (ICT) technology systems. A key factor of the ICT overhaul is the provision of reliable and consistent broadband connectivity for Internet usage on its fleet of high-speed trains.

The project consists of nearly one hundred trains, all of Renfe AGV (Automotrice Grande Vitesse) high-speed train fleet. Gilat’s broadband connectivity for trains is now being implemented, with initial deployment planned for this quarter. Gilat was selected by Aicox, the project integrator to join a consortium of leading players delivering satellite based reliable broadband connectivity to Renfe’s high-speed trains. Gilat’s ER-7000 antenna passed rigorous testing and certifications, including the stringent European EN 50155 compliance requirements.

Gilat’s ER-7000 low-profile tracking antenna was designed for high-speed trains operating in harsh weather conditions. Its aerodynamic build and rugged radome contribute to the antenna’s robustness. The antenna is wide reaching with a high gain, cost effectively meeting high throughput broadband communication needs during fast train travel. 

According to Moshe (Chico) Tamir, Corporate VP and President, Strategic Initiatives, at Gilat, receiving the European EN 50155 certification is an important milestone as it continues to deliver on the company's broadband mobility promise and comes on the heels of our certification at CRRC in China, the world’s largest railway transportation supplier.