Satnews Daily
November 12th, 2014

For African Children: Avanti Connected Education Rolls Out

[SatNews] Avanti Communications will unveil its new education service, Avanti Connected Education, at AfricaCom 2014.

The service combines technology with teaching skills to address the problem of poor educational outcomes. Avanti Connected Education is based on three key principles:

  1. Connect: In the 21st century no child’s education is complete without the Internet
  2. Develop: Every child gets the education they deserve
  3. Sustain: Communities can generate revenue to keep education initiatives running for years to come

Avanti has deployed a number of education services in Africa, most recently with Project iMlango in Kenya. Avanti leads a consortium in partnership with Department for International Development (DFID) to reach 100,000 children, a quarter of whom are marginalized girls. At the heart of Project iMlango sits a dynamic Internet learning platform, accessed through high-speed satellite connectivity, where partners provide students with interactive educational content. The large-scale project is demonstrating how Avanti’s integrated approach creates a positive and lasting impact on young students and their communities.
Paul Feenan, Director of Avanti Government Services, said, “Our ‘Connect-Develop-Sustain’ strategy uniquely addresses the numerous challenges facing decision makers within the Education sector across Africa. Our leading Ka-band satellite technology provides a resilient, high-speed and quick-to-deploy solution beyond fibre, capable of meeting long-term socio-economic goals for African education. Avanti Connected Education presents a compelling opportunity for partners to engage in large scale success stories using CSR budgets.”
For more information:

  • Visit the Avanti Connected Education site at:
  • Visit Avanti on Stand E14 at AfricaCom (November 11th through 13th)
  • Avanti’s Chief Operating Officer, Matthew O’Connor will be part of the ‘Understanding the HTS roadmap for Africa’ panel session (14.50, Wednesday 12th November)