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April 21st, 2020

GPS Tracking from CompassCom Assists Police Department

As part of a recent LMR system upgrade, the Derry New Hampshire Police Department recently installed CompassCom’s GPS tracking system for police vehicles and handheld radios.

CompassTrac® Enterprise enables enhance command and control for first responder resources.

GPS location data from Motorola® APX Series Radios and Sierra Wireless in-vehicle modems are viewed in the Esri® based CompassTrac viewer.

As a qualified Motorola Solution provider and Esri Business Partner, CompassCom delivers real-time location data in a common operational picture to empower decisions.

Derry’s Police Captain describes the solution as providing an accurate, up to date GPS location for all vehicles and handheld radios. CompassTrac provides our Commanders and Dispatchers with real-time location of all assets enabling efficient response and coordination of assets to any call for service as it occurs. Using CompassTrac enhances both citizen safety and officer safety. According to Derry's Police, the staff found the software intuitive and easy to use with minimal training time required.

Shortly after installation of CompassTrac, one of the department's officers called out via APX radio that he was engaged in a hot foot pursuit chase of a wanted person.

Using the CompassTrac software, the shift commander immediately polled that officer’s portable radio and within seconds had a precise, geographic location of that officer displayed on the CompassTrac map at his desk as well as on the dispatcher’s workstations. Back up officers were immediately dispatched to respond to the area and the suspect was quickly apprehended.

The police department added that since the initial installation, several months ago, the department has experienced top notch service and prompt response to any questions the staff may have had by the technicians and engineers at CompassCom.