Satnews Daily
November 26th, 2013


[SatNews] Inmarsat (LSE:ISAT.L) has announced that global shipping company MOL SHIP MANAGEMENT CO. LTD. has commenced migrating over 100 vessels to the FleetBroadband 6 gigabyte (GB) plan for the primary purpose of enhancing both crew welfare and business operations—the decision to upgrade was made following a trial period on several selected vessels.
MOL SHIP MANAGEMENT CO. LTD. has deployed Inmarsat services on its vessel fleet for more than ten years and has been using FleetBroadband since April 2010, gradually increasing its usage since the initial installation.
“Any FleetBroadband user can quickly and easily upgrade their plans without additional capital investment and data usage can be shared across vessels,” said Frank Coles, President of Inmarsat Maritime. “MOL’s decision to upgrade its Inmarsat usage yet again is a great testament to the quality, capability and value of FleetBroadband and its ability to enhance both on-board quality of life and operations.”
Since rolling out FleetBroadband, MOL SHIP MANAGEMENT CO. LTD. has progressively increased its usage from 30 MB initially, to the 200 MB plan in 2011 before now moving to the 6 GB plan. The company intends to offer its crew free email, chatting and Internet browsing through AmosConnect Crew, an all-in-one communications solution for crew members at sea.
MOL SHIP MANAGEMENT CO. LTD., which specializes in shipping dry cargo fleet including container carriers, car carriers and others types of bulk containers, has also expressed interest in becoming an early Global Xpress adopter once the Ka-band service comes online in 2015.

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