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February 4th, 2015

Geospatial Big Data (GBD) From DigitalGlobe To Be Provisioned To Exogenesis

[SatNews] DigitalGlobe, Inc. (NYSE: DGI) now has an agreement to provide another commercial customer with access to the company's Geospatial Big Data (GBD) platform, paving the way for new analytic products serving the insurance, forestry, oil & gas, and mining industries.
DigitalGlobe’s cloud-based GBD offering is a Platform as a Service model that provides easy access to DigitalGlobe’s vast ImageLibrary. The platform is designed to create a new ecosystem wherein partners and developers can leverage their expertise and API’s to create new customer solutions, all without the cost of owning and operating costly IT infrastructure. The GBD platform is one of the strategic initiatives propelling DigitalGlobe toward the company's vision of becoming the indispensable source of information about our changing planet.

Exogenesis, a provider of advanced analytics, algorithm development, and predictive modeling and simulation, has subscribed to DigitalGlobe’s GBD service to facilitate new product development enabled by large-scale data analysis. The agreement includes access to algorithms, expertise, and petabytes of high-resolution satellite imagery collected over the past 15 years. DigitalGlobe customers Orbital Insight and Cuende have also subscribed to the service and are introducing unique products to their commercial markets.
Sean Anklam, President of Exogenesis, said, “As an early adopter of DigitalGlobe's Geospatial Big Data platform, we will be able to provide the most advanced decision support information derived from source imagery of the highest quality."
Dr. Shay Har-Noy, DigitalGlobe’s Senior Director for Geospatial Big Data, said, “We are committed to investing in Geospatial Big Data in order to create a living digital inventory of the surface of the Earth, enabled by our unmatched satellite constellation, commitment to ecosystem partners, and ability to convert imagery at scale into searchable, analytics-ready information layers.”

At https://www.digitalglobe.com/  there's additional information regarding DigitalGlobe.

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