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Current Satellite News
February 4th, 2015
NASA's SMAP Satellite Key Feature Is A Northrop Grumman Reflector
The mesh reflector will provide a conically scanning antenna beam of approximately 40 degrees or a swath of 621 miles for total global mapping every two to three days.
NOAA's FY 2015 Budget Request Offered By Dr. Sullivan...
"NOAA’s FY 2016 budget submission supports our unique role within the federal government."—Dr. Kathryn Sullivan, Administrator, NOAA.
Aeroject Rocketdyne Puts The Smack Into SMAP
"It's critical that the science community understands the dynamics of water movement so it can be properly managed on Earth."—Steve Bouley, V.P., Space Launch Systems, Aerojet Rocketdyne.
JAXA Confirms Hayabusa2 Is In Good Spirits + Functioning Well
Basic operations and performance of onboard instruments and ground systems have been tested one by one as of the end of January.
Of SatBroadcasting™ Interest—Dataxis Notes DirecTV LATAM payTV Subs Outnumber U.S. payTV Subs...
Dataxis predicts that 2015 will signal the year when Latin American subscribers will finally outnumber U.S. customers.
Norsat ...Has A Ticker...Common Stock Is Approved For Listing On NYSE MKT
...the ticker symbol will be "NSAT" and its shares will cease trading on the OTCBB concurrent with the listing of its shares on the NYSE MKT.
Arabsat + Media Speed Sign Contract For Saudi Digital Satellite TV Broadcasting Platform + More
"We are delighted that Arabsat is the first satellite operator involved in building and operating this platform,
New Mobile Services Initiated In Taiwan By RR Media's Station711 + Chunghwa Telecom
"With RR Media, we're able to provide tailored Virtual Network Operators (VNO)-like services..."—Ching-Tsung Chang, Managing Director, Satellite Business Department, Chunghwa Telecom.
Newtec Celebrates 'Made Different' +  FOF Award...Factory Of The Future
...it will carry out an important investment program to upgrade and extend its state-of-the-art production capacity and capabilities at its Manufacturing Competence Center (MCC) in Belgium.
Geospatial Big Data (GBD) From DigitalGlobe To Be Provisioned To Exogenesis
"We are committed to investing in Geospatial Big Data in order to create a living digital inventory of the surface of the Earth."—Dr. Shay Har-Noy, Senior Director for Geospatial Big Data, DigitalGlobe.
Aye! Aireon(SM) ALERTs Folks About Managing Global Emergency Tracking From... Ireland 
...on a 24/7 basis, we will be able to provide users with the immediate ‘last known’ location of aircraft with tremendous accuracy
ESA Prepares For IXV Mission...Awaits Critical Communications From Spaceship To Ship
This is when ground teams in Europe and on the ship will be most anxious, as nothing will have been heard from the wingless spaceplane... exposed to temperatures that would melt nickel.
An Inductee Into The SSPI Satellite Hall of Fame...An Unsung Hero... Solving Complex Problems In Support Of The Warfighter
...a U.S. Defense Department customer calls him an “unsung hero” in detecting and solving unforeseen complex problems in support of the warfighter.
Gilat Satellite Networks Heads To Spain + Showcases Products For Cellular Connectivity
Rural areas represent the final untapped broadband market, and as governments prioritize providing broadband as a national initiative, the race is on to provide coverage.