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April 23rd, 2009

digiGO! — Thales Angenieus + Binocle Demo 3D @ NAB

At this year’s NAB trade show and conference, Thales Angenieux and Binocle are together previewing a ground-breaking imaging technique that will allow full 3D stereoscopic shooting without objectionable side effects.

This 3D solution combines perfectly paired optics with full motion control, along with advanced algorithms designed to alleviate viewing stress. Since its inception, full acceptance of 3D stereoscopic imaging has been hindered by the incompatibility of the human eye to process dual images without visual aids. Engineers at Binocle, France’s leader in stereoscopic film shooting and post production technology, has overcome the challenges by developing a technique which allows camera motion to be accurately controlled with the use of computers and digital image correction. Thales Angenieux has partnered with Binocle on these developments and the Company’s quality optics have been instrumental in Binocle’s recent developments and successes. Displayed at the Thales Angenieux booth were Binocle motion control rigs, stereo visualization displays, and correction software, all using Thales Angenieux lenses.