Satnews Daily
September 14th, 2014

CPI SatCom Division + SVS Satellite Systems—A Turkish First (SATCOM—Amplifiers)

[SatNews] Communications & Power Industries LLC Satcom Division (CPI Satcom) has contracted with SVS Satellite Systems to service CPI Satcom high power amplifiers at an SVS facility in Istanbul, Turkey.

This brings the total to more than 20 worldwide service centers in CPI’s industry-leading support network. SVS is the first company to provide direct support for CPI amplifiers to customers in the Middle East, a rapidly growing satellite communications market. The service center complements other CPI centers located in South Africa, the Netherlands, Russia and the United Kingdom that provide support to customers located in the EMEA region.

“SVS Satellite Systems is well experienced and extremely capable of servicing high power amplifiers and systems,” said Colin Eastment, vice president of business development for CPI Satcom Products. “They have worked with MCL amplifiers for years, and will now add to that the servicing of CPI amplifiers.” Communications & Power Industries acquired MCL, Inc. from Miteq, Inc. last year.

The CPI Satcom infosite is located at