Satnews Daily
September 7th, 2017

NovelSat's Secure Solution for Satellite Broadcasting ... ProtCASTER 

NovelSat, provider in satellite transmission technology, announced a product that provides broadcast content protection, as well as an entitlement and scheduling solution for satellite-based content distribution.

ProtCASTER is reported to be the only satellite broadcast DRM (Digital Rights Management) platform based on virtually unbreakable AES 256-bit encryption, delivering the highest level of satellite content security available today. Satellite broadcasters spend fortunes of money to license live and recorded content that they deliver to their customers and affiliates.

Unfortunately, major satellite broadcasters who use industry-standard BISS and BISS-E-based DRM have suffered hacks, with decryption keys regularly posted to social networks, compromising the security of high-value broadcasts. This highlights the market's need for more aggressive solutions. 

The ProtCASTER platform is a two-layer solution that provides both 256-bit encryption to secure valuable content, and access protection based on each receiver’s viewing entitlement rights, defined per video channel (PID). With easy-to-use browser-based tools for event scheduling and content entitlement, ProtCASTER operates in any satellite broadcast network, including the largest global networks with thousands of satellite receivers, and can easily schedule and secure their content.

ProtCASTER works with all NovelSat satellite modems, modulators and demodulators. It uses a secured OTA channel for exchanging AES keys and is integrated with NovelNet, a full-featured NMS (Network Management System) for end-to-end network orchestration that includes DRM. 

It has been reported that a NovelSat customer has already successfully implemented ProtCASTER in a major broadcast content distribution network, and they plan to use ProtCASTER to secure and protect all of their future broadcasting events.

Ronen Sadan of NovelSat AVP Marketing said that with ProtCASTER, NovelSat adds the highest level of content security to its industry leading satellite bandwidth efficiency, and that these, and other new innovations make the NovelSat offering an ideal solution for broadcasters who rely on satellite transmission for content delivery.

NovelSat ProtCASTER has been shortlisted for the CSI Award for Best Content Protection Technology 2017. The CSI Awards 2017 ceremony will be held on Friday, September 15th at the IBC 2017 show in Amsterdam.