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March 2nd, 2012

Vizada + Telemar... Melding Maritime Talents (SATCOM)

[SatNews] Telemar, a leading provider in maritime shipping, mega yachting and land SATCOM markets will launch...

...SeaMore, a new, joint communications solution with Vizada for the maritime community. SeaMore is a full-service communications solution which comprises access to onboard communications in privacy similar to GSM but without roaming costs, several maritime application suites, Vizada XChange and an interactive website, all easily accessed by private smartphone and tablets.

SeaMore allows seafarers to use their private smartphones and tablets, such as iPhone, iPad, Blackberry and Android, to connect and communicate substantially in the same way as they use onshore communications networks. SeaMore is powered by Vizada XChange, the single, integrated maritime solutions platform, which provides reliable connectivity to all satellite networks. SeaMore will allow ship owners and managers to easily optimize their business operations. With direct 24/7 access via their tablet, captains and superintendents can access a network of business-critical applications: real-time tracking and maintenance reporting with Telemar World Service app; GPS locator; weather forecasts; optimized fleet surveillance monitored by fleet, ship or users; remote IT control; secure onboard network; “store & share” business content and templates via the onboard network; Lloyd’s list and other customizable apps.