Satnews Daily
December 31st, -0001

PolarSat... To Your Health!

PolarSat Inc. has successfully completed a mobile telemedicine VSATPlus 3 VSAT network system deployment demonstration in the Sichuan province of China. This VSAT network has been established to upgrade the regional information network that supports the rapid deployment of health resources to the remotest locations.

This involves mobile clinics or medical teams being able to be quickly dispatched to remote locations to treat patients while always maintaining contact with the distant medical center. Implementing this system has been a high priority since the SARS epidemic and most recently the H1N1. The VSATPlus 3 system provides effective multimedia communications links from the remote locations to the main hospital allowing doctors at main hospital to actually see the patients and provide diagnoses that require visual and diagnostic information. The VSATPlus 3 demonstrated hub-less full mesh connectivity delivering remote support for remote diagnosis via Voice, Video, FAX, Data file transfers, Internet/Intranet and email. The medical staff needed little to no training to set up the remote network equipment. The remote station provided easy and rapid deployment through the use of a vehicle outfitted an auto deploy antenna system in conjunction with fast acquisition capability of the VSATPlus 3. The product's salient features include hubless operation of mesh connectivity, Turbo Coding, integrated IP protocol enhancements, and Bandwidth-on-Demand functionality. The VSATPlus 3 builds upon PolarSat’s 25+ years of satellite modem experience to continue to provide a robust and reliable MF-TDMA, full mesh, hubless product.