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October 13th, 2009

Canadian Farming Gets Spatial Support From RapidEye

GeoFarm + Agri-Trend banners RapidEye has delivered 2009's Canadian growing season images of agricultural areas  to their customer GeoFarmSolutions Inc., in conjunction with the Agri-Trend Network.

In a collaborative effort, GeoFarm, Agri-Trend, and RapidEye began working together at the beginning of 2009 to offer enhanced satellite imagery solutions to Canadian clients by offering "near real-time" satellite imagery for agriculture use, backed by superior agronomics. The RapidEye satellite system was designed to meet the needs of precision agriculture, as it is the only commercial satellite system that acquires data in the red-edge spectral band. This band provides specific information about the chlorophyll content, and therefore nitrogen status of the crops. Customers benefited from multiple captures of 5 meter resolution, multi-spectral imagery (red, green, blue, near infrared and red edge) of their fields throughout this year's season. Products such as bare ground, chlorophyll and ground cover maps were delivered via the Internet to farmers, ag-retailers and agronomic consultants.