Satnews Daily
November 25th, 2013

ASC Signal + ShenTai International—Heading For The Coast (Comms)

[SatNews] ASC Signal Corporation has secured a major contract with ShenTai International Company, one of Asia’s leading providers of HF radio systems, for the design, construction and delivery of a major HF antenna infrastructure project.

Under the agreement, ASC will provide, among other components, 60 of the company’s Model 3794 for coastal communications systems used by the government in China.
Known more than four decades for its design innovations, ASC leveraged the durability and performance of its line of HF products to ensure reliable operation in rugged coastal conditions.  ASC’s Model 3794, one of 26 HF antennas in the ASC product line, provides high-power area coverage transmission, particularly suited to ship-to-shore, ground-to-air and HF broadcast applications. The broad frequency range permits use of the optimum frequency for any distance, while the radiation patterns are suitable for sky-wave propagation at medium and low ranges, supplemented by ground-wave propagation at short ranges.  This was considered essential to the needs of the end-user.
“Providing mission-critical HF, satellite and radar antenna systems for government and commercial customers around the world is one of our core strengths,” said Keith Buckley, President and CEO of ASC Signal.

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