Satnews Daily
September 8th, 2016

SIS LIVE Linking In To APAC For Content Distribution

Thanks to a new agreement with Telstra, SIS LIVE will now have the ability to distribute content across Asia via teleports in Hong Kong and Sydney as well as by submarine fiber.

The partnership with Telstra will ensure SIS LIVE customers have additional high quality access to the vast Asia Pacific region and the highest possible range of critical media content. SIS LIVE’s combined satellite and fiber infrastructure includes a managed fiber network called Anylive™ that connects more than 100 sport and entertainment venues, all of which can now be linked to Telstra.

SIS LIVE’s Anylive fiber network will be connected to Telstra’s London hub, which will carry content to the Sydney and Hong Kong teleports for uplinking to the AsiaSat 5 platform, which has a footprint that envelopes more than 53 countries.
John Bozza, the SIS LIVE Commercial Director, related that his company has a lot of existing content distribution contracts and has noted a substantial increase in demand for distribution into Asia, particularly for sports content. This new ability enables expanded service for these content tracks with the firm's overriding strategy to be the connectivity provider of choice worldwide.