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October 2nd, 2017

Quantum Satellite Used for First Intercontinental Conference

According to a recent news story in Sputnik International, the international community might have a chance to fully protect conversations against hacking or wiretapping as new breakthrough communication technology might soon be in use.

China Launches Next-Gen Telecommunications Satellite. Photo is courtesy of Xinhua, Qian Xian'an.

Previously, it was reported that two physicists from China and Austria conducted the first intercontinental video conference using quantum technology. This conference is an important step toward ensuring the security and confidentiality of conversations and negotiations and protecting them from possible hacking or wiretapping.

"Private and secure communications are fundamental human needs," a Chinese Academy's statement reads. "In particular, with the exponential growth of internet use and e-commerce, it is of paramount importance to establish a secure network with global protection of data."

Earlier, long-distance conversations using quantum technology were limited due to technical reasons. But now this problem can be resolved, with the new technology being potentially of great demand in the government, banking and security fields.

"Quantum key distribution (QKD) uses individual light quanta (single photon) in quantum superposition states to guarantee unconditional security between distant parties," the statement said.

Scientists are planning to organize similar test conversations between a person in China and his or her counterpart in Russia, Germany, Italy and Singapore.