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June 8th, 2016

Global Maritime Network Beefed Up By SpeedCast

SpeedCast International Limited (ASX: SDA) has implemented coordinated coverage and capacity enhancements to the company's global maritime network.

A  series of enhancements have been implemented to reinforce SpeedCast’s position in the global maritime VSAT network. SpeedCast is now operating a global VSAT network with more than 90 satellite beams consisting of global C-, L-, Ku- and Ka-band, following the launch of the firm's Fleet Xpress service, from more than 70 satellites. This unparalleled satellite constellation provides maritime customers with exceptional redundancy, network resilience and maximum coverage. This operator-agnostic network strategy enables SpeedCast to provide enhanced reliability, flexibility and service availability required for maritime communications today.
Piers Cunningham, VP Maritime Services at SpeedCast, reported that the company has added additional teleport infrastructure with new facilities that have been fully integrated into their global maritime network and terrestrial interconnects, which has been accomplished in parallel with a global upgrade to the SpeedCast network. These business moves have resulted in the latest advanced modem variants and have focused capacity enhancements for the company's global and regional/sector specific clientele. SpeedCast is also starting the integration of the latest HTS as they enter service, leveraging the firm's experience in HTS deployment with O3b to service areas with high traffic. He expects that the overlay of Ku-band HTS beams can further enhance SpeedCast's ability to quickly and effectively tailor service requirements for the more specialized end of the maritime spectrum. Additionally, he relayed that Inmarsat Fleet Xpress is now generally available across the SpeedCast sales network, further complimenting their global maritime network offerings.