Satnews Daily
February 17th, 2015

Russia Ramps Up Soyuz-U For Progress M-26M Trip To ISS

[SatNews] According to a decision on February 15th by Russia's State Commission, rocket and space industry launching crews rolled-out the Soyuz-U booster with Progress M-26M cargo vehicle from the integration building to the #1 launchpad (Gagarin launch).

The rocket was installed and the specialists started working through the first launching day schedule. Before the launch, the crews must test the facilities and systems of the rocket and ground-based equipment and then fill the booster’s tanks with propellant components and pressurized gas. The vehicle will deliver propellant components, oxygen, foodstuffs, scientific equipment, parcels for crew members,and more, to the ISS.

The launch of Soyuz-U booster with Progress M-26M cargo vehicle is scheduled for February 7, 2:00 p.m., Moscow time.