Satnews Daily
September 5th, 2016

UPDATE: On The Show Floor... SatService GmbH Prepared To Show All At IBC2016

From an improved antenna tracking controller to software for satellite ground services, SatService GmbH and LP TECHNOLOGIES are planning for a busy event at IBC2016 at Stand # 1.F47.

The SatService team, comprised of Mr. Michael Ulbricht, Mr. Ulf Wulfer and Mr. Kai Koppenburg, will be in attendance at the company's booth, while at the Ateme booth, Ms. Mireille Granet will be present.

The following equipment will be presented during IBC2016...

The LPT-3000RX4 4gen
remote spectrum analyzer.

The new LPT-3000RX4—Remote Spectrum Analyzer from LP Technologies,
thanks to a new distribution agreement that allows SatService to sell LPT products. The LPT-3000RX4 is LPT’s 4th generation remote spectrum analyzer that offers multi-port, full-DSP base, precision analysis that is designed to meet requirements for applications in multiple industries, including satellite, wireless/cellular, military, Oil & Gas, and more. The LPT-3000RX4 has a wide frequency range that covers IF’s 70 MHz, satellite’s L-band, and spans from 9 KHz up to 3 GHz.
The LPT-3000RX4’s impressive specifications include:

  • Fits 1 RU 19” Rack Space
  • Built-in 4 Switchable Ports
  • 55 dB Port Isolation
  • 0.5 ms Switch Time Between Ports
  • Digital Signal Processing Technology
  • 310 μs Sweep Times in Fast Mode
  • High Definition Trace
  • 17 RBW and 17 VBW Filters


LPT’s LPT-3000RX4 has optional built-in Carrier Identification & Extraction capabilities, saving customers money, valuable rack space, and time between interference detection and Identification extraction. The LPT-3000RX4 also has optional built-in Ka-, Ku-, and C- to L-band built-in down converters. In addition to hardware, LP-Technologies carrier monitoring and interference detection systems; LP LPT-ASM is the most affordable spectrum monitoring system; and LPT-LEO is the first and only SMS dedicated to addressing the needs of the LEO satellite industry.

  • sat-nms ACU19V2—Improved Antenna Tracking Controller
  • sat-nms KU2BRX19—Ku-Band Beacon Receiver
  • sat-nms LFTX/RX—Fiber Optical Link System
  • sat-nms MNC / NMS—Software for Satellite Ground Stations

As official business partners of Anacom, Ateme, Newtec, Terrasat, Viprinet and also LP Technologies, the company will also be available to answer any questions concerning their equipment as well as any applications or projects visitors might wish to discuss. The SatService GmbH booth is 1F.47.