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Current Satellite News
September 5th, 2016
Arianespace's Team Musters Their Energy... Preps For Sky Muster™ Launch
...designed to deliver nbn's advanced services for some of the most difficult to reach citizens in Australia, from mainland Australia and Tasmania to the offshore islands.
Israel's Satellite Program Under Investigation (HAARETZ)
Based on preliminary findings, the state comptroller believes there are serious long-term planning gaps in the development of satellites in Israel, even before the SpaceX explosion.
Spacecom Mitigation Planning Following The Loss Of The AMOS-6 Satellite
Some of Spacecom's current Ku-band clients on AMOS-2 that were to be relocated to AMOS-6 will be relocated to AMOS-3.
UPDATE: On The Show Floor... SatService GmbH Prepared To Show All At IBC2016
The companies will also be available to answer any questions concerning their equipment.
The Global SatShow Comes To Turkey
The Association today represents the interests of all EMEA satellite operators who deliver information communication services across the globe.
General Dynamics Gets Up And Goes With Fourth Generation SATCOM On-The-Move Antennas
Feedback from military users helped design and develop the new Gen IV model.
Goodbye GPS SVN-23... Satellite Heads To Higher Orbit
GPS are pushed to a higher orbit, roughly 1,000 kilometers above the operational GPS orbit.
Copernicus Accelerator Program Seeking Mentors
This one-of-a-kind program is focused on providing a tailored business coaching service for as many as 40 finalists in the Copernicus Masters competition.
Satellite & Virtual Reality To Become Substantive At IBC2016
This groundbreaking R&D project is going to be presented by SES S.A. (Euronext Paris and Luxembourg Stock Exchange: SESG) with Fraunhofer Heinricht Hertz Institute HHI Berlin.
ISRO Initiates Plan To Outsource Satellite Manufacturing
ISRO has received more than 40 responses to a tender floated inviting private firms to jointly build a satellite and eventually transfer satellite-making technology for local and global needs.
Icarusnet And UHP's Big Change For The Better... VSAT Expansion To European Utility Networks  
We found UHP technology can be easily configured to transport M2M data with a very low overhead and maximum bandwidth efficiency. 
NovelSat And ATEME Show Their Support... Up To 4K 
 The modulator is the only system that also offers the NovelSat NS4 waveform, which delivers up to 45 percent higher spectral efficiency compared with DVB-S2.
Connect First's Sudden Departure Of CEO 
...primary mission of providing exceptional customer experiences in the contact center industry.
EARTH-i Brings DMC3 Constellation Imagery Comparisons To EO Conference
EARTH-i Ltd. will be exhibiting the latest examples of 1 meter GSD satellite imagery from the DMC3 constellation.
On The Show Floor... TeamCast Presents...
The company is debuting their Tyger satellite modulator at IBC2016 as well as demonstrating a number of their products.