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June 2nd, 2012

Thuraya... POP Goes The IP (SATCOM)

[SatNews] Thuraya Telecommunications Company has established a Point Of Presence (POP) and Meet Me Point (MMP) in Singapore, enhancing...

...the performance of its high-speed broadband terminal, Thuraya IP, in the region. The POP guarantees IP consumers, especially media broadcasters, faster and cost effective streaming services from the remotest location to newsrooms and data centers anywhere in Asia. Thuraya has deployed the infrastructure to allow its Asian consumers to streamline and relay encrypted data to end destinations with guaranteed service quality.

At just half the size of a laptop, Thuraya IP is the smallest and most powerful satellite data terminal in the world, delivering an ideal 384kbps streaming and 444kbps standard IP. It guarantees instant live, store and forward video/audio streaming when teamed with media IP applications such as Quicklink, Streambox and Livewire. Thuraya IP’s Asymmetric Streaming functionality enables media teams to adjust speeds according to bandwidth usage, ensuring instant savings of up to 40% in comparison with other broadband solutions. In addition, Thuraya offers flexible pricing options as part of its Shareplan package that permit sharing of airtime allowances under a single subscription across all Thuraya voice and data devices, further reducing costs.

Packing the power of a large OB van and a technician in a single A-5 sized terminal, Thuraya IP removes the need to book large chunks of unneeded satellite capacity in advance. It is equipped with a built-in antenna and can be fitted with multiple external antennas—fixed, vehicular and maritime—depending on user requirements. Journalists need only point Thuraya IP towards the satellite, wait for the network acquisition signal, which happens in seconds, and plug wirelessly into their laptop to commence operations.