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June 18th, 2010

SatCom Global... Heading For The Horizon (Remote SATCOM)

[SatNews] SatCom Global has launched Horizon, which incorporates state of the art compression technology and is designed to optimize voice and data management, dramatically cutting the cost of satellite communications for remote users in the maritime, oil and gas, construction, government, emergency and first responder markets. The family of Horizon products include...
  • Horizon Multi-VoIP Unit — this unit provides eight analog phone ports. When set up at both remote and office locations, Horizon users can direct dial any Horizon registered handset without the need to go through the PSTN for even greater savings. It enables ultra-low bandwidth voice and data usage, from as low as 2kbps, and its flexible codec allows users to choose from three call settings for optimum cost/quality voice delivery enabling phone calls at a saving of more than 50 per cent over standard satellite voice
  • Horizon Desktop(tm) software incorporates instant text messaging, email compression, web acceleration, and softphone with voicemail capability in one convenient application
  • Horizon Text delivers robust and fully-encrypted instant messaging, providing cost-effective ‘real-time communications to users worldwide/ Horizon’s managed service enables flexible one-to-one and one to group messaging, at the same time providing full visibility to the licence payer
  • Horizon Mail compression technology provides an optimised email system for satellite communications. The unique three-stage usage decision at header, attachment and composed mail gives the user full control of incoming and outgoing email file size
  • Horizon Surf accelerates Internet surfing while minimising costs by compressing data and downloading only the information required as well as providing full visibility of data usage
  • Horizon Softphone with voicemail messaging makes telephone communications easier and more affordable. Callers can use the Softphone for VoIP only calls to other Horizon users and calling to any PSTN numbers utilizing HorizonOut™ low PSTN rates
  • HorizonLite — For friends and family outside the Horizon network, the HorizonLite software interface enables registered users to communicate using low cost text and VoIP to VoIP voice communication
  • Horizon Kiosk — Much like an ‘Internet Café’ the Horizon Kiosk unit provides robust, secure access for pre-paid users and enables internet surfing, two-way email, instant messaging, and voicemail messages