Satnews Daily
September 6th, 2017

Kymeta and Intelsat to Bring Groundbreaking Satellite Service to Market

Kymeta and Intelsat S.A. have joined forces to offer a new, groundbreaking, satellite service offering that is both easy to use and easy to buy.

The KALO high-throughput access service is used with fully-integrated KyWay™ terminals and mTennau7 antenna subsystem modules (ASMs) to provide reliable wireless mobile connectivity. The service leverages the IntelsatOne Flex managed services platform, and will soon commercially offer a radical by-the-gigabyte pricing plan under the management of the KALO BU.
Dushyant Sukhija, Kymeta’s newly appointed Senior Vice President and General Manager of the KALO BU, who joined Kymeta’s executive leadership team in July 2017, will lead the KALO BU and the upcoming launch of the service. Sukhija, author of the bestselling leadership book “The Cisco Way” and an ex-Cisco executive who helped Cisco Services grow to an $11.4 billion annual run rate, brings more than 30 years of experience in business and technology leadership to the KALO BU.
At present, reports from and respectively indicate that 60 percent of people on Earth do not have access to sufficient internet communication networks and more than 32-percent do not have access to wireless LTE coverage. The upcoming launch of the KALO access service, later this year, will one day make it possible for people to take the world with them, anywhere they go.

The KALO satellite service will disrupt the communications industry by making satellite services easy to buy and use. Kymeta aims to make KALO services available to every industry, and is especially focused on offering mobile connectivity applications for industries on the move including buses, airplanes, maritime vessels, trains, and automobiles, as well as remote fixed applications and IoT. These industries have traditionally been difficult to connect due to the footprint, bulk, and weight of traditional satellite dishes.

Sukhija noted that satellite services today are expensive and difficult to buy. Current satellite services customers must often predict their usage in advance. Imagine having to know exactly where you will be using your phone and how much data you will use three, six, or even 36 months from now. With KALO internet access services, the company is focused on taking the guesswork out of purchasing satellite services and making it as easy as purchasing a cell phone data plan.

Having worked with numerous communications companies that spanned 142 countries, over 65 telecommunications service providers and more than 1.9 billion subscribers while at Cisco, Sukhija knows the complexities of a solution like this. Accomplishing this with a global network that brings high-throughput internet access to a multitude of mobile platforms will dramatically expand the reach of satellite communications, while simplifying the buying process for everyone.
Dr. Nathan Kundtz, President and CEO of Kymeta, added that combining Kymeta’s disruptive flat panel antennas and terminals with the firm's unique global, mobile internet services will make connectivity possible where it has never been before. Kymeta aims to make mobile communications accessible and uncomplicated. Dushyant brings a wealth of services and communications industry experience to Kymeta that will help make the firm's vision a reality. The goal is global, mobile internet access as easy as delivering a pizza. All that will be needed is our antenna — users can put the antenna on anything that moves, even in the most remote locations, and access to the internet is provided.

KALO services will be commercially available later this year.