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July 20th, 2017

GVF + Satellite Vu - First EO Company Joins the Organization

GVF, for the last 20 years, has been an industry association that has been focused on fixed and mobile satellite services, narrowband and broadband communications, as well as broadcasting.

The GVF brief will now also include the accelerating dynamics of the satellite imaging and data analytics environment, together with the evolving smallsat ecosystem. GVF will support the EO community on pertinent issues that include spectrum management, where the ITU has agenda items at the next WRC that include space science services; orbital debris, where GVF is already taking an active participation; and connecting existing initiatives with EO interests such as disaster monitoring, maritime and the oil, gas, and mining industries.
Satellite Vu is a new company based in the UK that intends to deliver fast refresh of Earth Observation (EO) imagery and data analytics.  By sourcing the most current images from constellations of satellites, combined with a unique delivery system and processing algorithms, Satellite Vu plans to offer end users near real time actionable information on unfolding events.  Their platform is open to developers to create innovative products and services to better engage the end users in applications of earth observation data.
David Hartshorn, Secretary General of GVF, welcomed Satellite Vu as a GVF Member. He noted that the greater the diversity of satellite applications offered by GVF Member companies, the better GVF will be able to demonstrate to regulators, governments and customers the increasing relevance and importance of satellite solutions.
Anthony Baker, CEO Satellite Vu, commented that his firm is delighted to be the first EO member of GVF and looks forward to working with GVF and the industry in this next wave of satellite innovation — bringing fast facts from space to the mass market.