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April 27th, 2011

Track24... Tempering Troubles (SATCOM)

[SatNews] When in trouble, there's nothing quite like the immediacy of knowing help is available thanks to SATCOM...

Security tracking specialist Track24, has launched the first global tracking and messaging system for individuals and small businesses. The Track24 Solo solution uses the Iridium satellite network and Track24's mapping software to provide reliable and affordable global tracking and 2-way text messaging capabilities. The Solo launch follows the success of Track24's enterprise and defence solutions, used by companies and governments around the world, to aid location-based communication and emergency management for employees and troops on the ground, in unstable or hostile regions.

Tim Grant, CEO of Track24, said, "Recent events in Libya and Japan illustrate the value of instant communication, particularly the ability to locate an individual and for them to alert you if they are in trouble. In these situations, the mobile phone GSM network is often insufficient, whether through failure, or because the individual finds themselves out of signal range - it's estimated that up to 85 percent of the globe does not have GSM coverage. The only way critical communication can then be achieved is through a reliable satellite network. Previously, this type of technology has only been available to large organisations or the very wealthy. Now, for the first time, friends, family or small employers can access a simple, flexible service, providing them with communication, location and emergency beacon capability using satellites. Few people realize that satellite text messaging can be cheaper than sending an SMS while on roaming. This is groundbreaking."

Individuals using Solo have access to Track24's state-of-the-art tracking platform — the Solo Viewer via the world's smallest, satellite-based, handheld personal tracking device, the PackMaster Lo-Pro. The device sends GPS information to the Iridium satellite network, which is then transmitted into the cloud-based Solo tracking software. The user then logs into their account and is able to track and communicate with the person using the device via a graphical user interface. Patrick Shay, Iridium’s vice president and general manager, data services, said, “This significant partnership with Track24 Solo will further accelerate Iridium’s rapid growth in the emerging market of personal satellite tracking and messaging devices, enabled by our new-generation Iridium 9602 embedded short-burst data transceiver.” Users may select 3, 6 or 12-month contracts.