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July 11th, 2016

SpeedCast's Resolute SATCOM Ramp Up For Mining Company

When a savings of 35 percent is accomplished in monthly SATCOM operating costs, as well as being able to enable seamless integration of a new system with existing hardware, that's spreading the corporate joy.

Such is the case for Resolute Mining Limited (Resolute) who contracted with SpeedCast to implement a managed satellite solution from Resolute’s production site in Mali back to their Perth headquarters.  SpeedCast completed the seamless integration into Resolute’s existing infrastructure, all the while improving voice and data quality at a reduced monthly operation expenses and an almost zero CAPEX investment.
SpeedCast delivered a high quality optimized managed satellite service—all provided in the user's local language which is French—enabling better and faster voice and data communications between the Syama mine and Perth headquarters, as well as a higher throughput link for exchange of vital operational and corporate data. As a result, Resolute is now able to better use their existing investment without any compromise on quality or the efficient utilization of the satellite network—this has resulted in an increased ROI from Resolute’s existing capital investment.
Leveraging our extensive engineering and support network in Africa, SpeedCast were able to provide in-country support with installation, on-site storage of spare equipment and user training – all available in the users’ local language - French.

Speedcast was able to design and deliver a comms solution that met Resolute's standards with maintenance and support throughout, according to the Resource Geologist and IT Manager, Richard Bray. He added that the next phase of the project will be started in the not-too-distant future.