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March 9th, 2012

One Horizon Group... Horizon Efficiencies + Accreditation (SATCOM)

[SatNews] One Horizon Group Plc's wholly-owned subsidiary Horizon Globex has signed an agreement...

...with IEC Telecom Group to provide its Horizon IP-optimization solution. Through this partnership, Horizon will enable IEC Telecom Group and its subsidiaries, such as SAFA Telecom in Dubai, SAFA Telecom in Abu Dhabi, DEVOR Technologies in Singapore and ASTEC Telecom in Congo to offer lower-cost alternatives for voice and data communications by making best use of the bandwidth available. IEC Telecom Group is a leading provider of mobile and fixed satellite communications and has a wide international network. The company’s extensive product range and technical competencies will enable IEC Telecom Group to support Horizon in a variety of markets including maritime, global enterprises, government, aid and NGOs, oil and gas, and telecommunications providers.

Designed specifically for environments where there is limited bandwidth available, Horizon is one of the world’s most bandwidth-efficient VoIP platform. Based on the company’s SmartPacket™ technology, it enables VoIP from only 2kbps compared to around 8kbps from other VoIP platforms. In addition to VoIP, Horizon provides a range of optimized data applications, including compressed email, accelerated web browsing and instant messaging. It is fully compatible with digital telecommunications standards and is capable of interconnecting any phone system over IP on satellite, mobile and fixed networks.

The Company has also announced that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Horizon Globex, has been accredited by Thrane & Thrane for its Horizon VoIP PBX solution to be used with SAILOR FleetBroadband. To gain accreditation, the Horizon VoIP PBX was submitted to extensive testing to ensure seamless integration with Thrane & Thrane SAILOR 500/250/150 FleetBroadband terminals. It will enable maritime customers to significantly reduce the cost and improve the performance of voice services. The Horizon VoIP PBX allows simultaneous calling for up to eight analog telephones over the FleetBroadband standard data link, more than any other system today for the bandwidth available. Horizon also offers users the flexibility to choose from three different call settings for optimal cost/quality control. Managing the cost of satellite communications has long been a concern for the maritime industry. A highly affordable solution like the Horizon VoIP PBX is important for oil and gas, shipping, coast guard and maritime patrols, to manage ship operations more efficiently and enhance crew welfare by reducing the cost of calls to friends and family.