Satnews Daily
February 21st, 2018

SES Networks' Connectivity Comes to Cuba ... Together with ETECSA Provides Telecommuications Services

ETECSA Enhances Connectivity to the Rest of the World with SES Networks (Photo: Business Wire)

SES comes to Cuba, as an agreement with ETECSA, Cuba’s national telecommunications operator, has taken place in which SES will provide additional access to reliable and uninterrupted connectivity throughout the main island of Cuba.             

SES Networks will supplement ETECSA’s existing terrestrial infrastructure with its reliable fiber-like Medium Earth Orbit (MEO) capacity and improve connectivity for ETECSA’s end-customers. ETECSA provides public telecommunications services throughout the territory of the Republic of Cuba.

Ing. Mayra Arevich Marín, executive president of ETECSA stated that by working with SES Networks, they are ensuring that their customers across the main island will have a new way to access high-performing internet at all times through this innovative satellite system.

Their collaboration with SES Networks highlights ETECSA’s mission of providing telecommunications services that meet the current and future needs of Cuban citizens and their customers, as well as contributing to the country's socio-economic growth.  

Steve Collar, CEO of SES Networks added that the opportunity to work with organizations such as ETECSA that are consistently looking for ways to bring more reliable connectivity to their people is incredibly rewarding. Their unique network capabilities and suite of managed services allows ETECSA to guarantee their customers access to the best satellite internet technology available.