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June 20th, 2013

Cobham... @ The Paris Air Show With... (Event—Product Debut)

[SatNews] Cobham will significantly strengthen its position in the airborne connectivity market with the development of the AVIATOR S series, a ground-breaking family of satellite communication systems being designed for future data-connected air transport aircraft ranging from regional turboprops to large jets.

Announced at the Paris Air Show, the new product line is the latest addition to the AVIATOR portfolio of airborne satellite communication systems, ranging from the AVIATOR 200 to the 700D. The development of this terminal and antenna product family is being driven by specifications formulated by the Air Transport Air-to-Ground-Communications working group, along with anticipated requirements for safety services and network domain separation for air traffic control.

Cobham's AVIATOR 200S' compact, "two box" solution.
The versatile S series will allow secure data communication for aircraft operation, maintenance and management services, as Cobham prepares for the technology shift to Internet Protocol (IP) data-connected aircraft in the future.

Emphasizing Cobham’s commitment to the ‘connected aircraft’, the AVIATOR S series terminal and antenna product family will support a wide range of communication applications in both the cockpit and cabin, including cockpit voice dialling, in-flight calling and internet browsing. Cobham is working closely with Inmarsat to bring the new generation of airborne satellite communication to the market in the near future following final safety services approval of SwiftBroadband.

The unique ‘two box’ solution will be smaller, lighter and more cost effective than current generation satellite communication systems, and is relevant for all sizes of air transport aircrafts from regional to large oceanic crafts. The first system to be made available will be the AVIATOR 200S—a unique, compact two LRU (Line Replacement Unit) satellite communication system which will exploit the unique features of the Inmarsat SwiftBroadband packet data communication system.

Walther Thygesen, Vice President of Cobham SATCOM, said: “Cobham’s AVIATOR S series will significantly benefit aircraft operations by offering an extremely compact LRU and antenna configuration for safety services over SwiftBroadband, designed to the latest specifications for data segregation on the flight deck.”