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July 31st, 2014

Globecomm + Inc. Magazine—Making The "A" List (Business)

[SatNews] More than 100,000 mid-market companies between 2007 and 2012 were analyzed for sustained growth by Inc. magazine and...

Global communications solutions provider Globecomm gained a place on the Inc Build 100 list, coming with a headcount of 380 in 2013 and revenue at $382,000,000 in 2012. Inc. selected a representative sample of companies that agreed to work with them on a long-term research project to understand the factors that are responsible for sustained growth. The project focused on headcount rather than revenue as they found that increased hiring is more predictive of future, sustained growth. The prestigious project assessed American companies over the course of five years with between 85 to 999 employees.

Inc. regards these 100 companies to be among the few “sustained-growth champions” in the American economy. Globecomm was one of four New York-based companies on the list. The publication noted that fewer than 1.5 percent of the companies assessed met the list's standard of growth over the designated five-year period of time.

Globecomm CEO Keith A. Hall.

“We are obviously pleased to be recognized by Inc and also proud of our growth as a company during a period when we were publicly-traded,” said Globecomm CEO Keith Hall. “It was a significant period of growth for us, and was done when much of the global economy and companies were struggling.” During that period, Globecomm made several key acquisitions, consolidated their position in markets, and positioned themselves for the future in areas such as maritime communications. As a private company, we now have a great deal of flexibility in our ongoing quest for innovation. The company’s efficiency in vertical sectors, including maritime, government and media, have allowed for resizing and concentration on value."

A subsequent survey the selected 100 companies revealed a variety of statistics related to their success: 60 percent regard themselves as entrepreneurial, despite their 8-digit revenue and hundreds of employees; 90 percent state their best ideas come from individual employees; 54 percent have no sales coming from outside of the U.S.; and only 10 percent stated they are without a growth objective. According to Inc’s Economist-in-residence, Gary Kunkle, “You can learn a lot from these companies.”

Globecomm was purchased by investor group Wasserstein and Company in late 2013.

The entire list can be found at http://www.Inc.com/build100/.

For more information on Globecomm, please visit their infosite at http://www.globecommsystems.com/.