Satnews Daily
December 12th, 2017

XipLink Has Got Wireless Security Zipped Up with Optimized IPSec VPN Solution

Security of data is critical in a wireless environment and when there is a breakdown of any kind the company involved may never recover from the trauma, the negative media coverage, loss of confidence of their clients and the financial losses.

XipLink XO Optimizer Options IPSec VPN Software Option Optimize Bandwidth and Encrypt Data

MontrОal, QC XipLink, the technology leader in Wireless Link Optimization, announces immediate availability of the optional XO-VPN software module, securing customer networks at encryption standards up to AES-256, while simultaneously optimizing traffic flows with XipOS software.

Key points of the announcement include;

  • Fully secures all traffic ("bulk encryption") using the IPSec standard with full integration to XipLink's award-winning XipOS TCP acceleration and Wireless Link Optimization software. By combining these features into one XA XipLink Appliance or alongside a XV XipLink Virtual image, customers can reduce box count, simplify network architecture and lower capital cost. Importantly, IPSec throughput is dramatically enhanced by 400 percent or more over high-latency satellite and wireless links by combining the encryption and optimization functions.
  • For 4G/LTE cellular backhaul customers, XipLink's IPSec module includes Decrypt-Optimize- Encrypt (DOE) functionality allowing the termination of an IPSec tunnel on the backhaul link for deep voice and data payload optimization and secure re-establishment of the connection from the base station to the optimizer and ultimately to the eNodeB security termination.
  • Supports key features required by customers such as IETF compatibility (DES/AES/SHA512), ESP tunnel mode with keep-alive selections, split tunnel mode to allow a secure connection for corporate traffic and another for direct Internet traffic, IPv4 and/or IPv6 support for universal access and compatibility with mobile devices using IPSec under RFC 4555.
  • Authentication standards support for both industry standard X.509 Certificates used in Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) deployments or Pre-Shared Key (PSK).


Thomas Muller, VP Field Operations at XipLink stated that in today’s world data security should be a top concern for any business and Network engineers must realize that security is a process, not a product.

The integrated XipLink Optimized IPSec VPN solution will now enable network engineers, as part of the security process, to ensure confidentiality and integrity of wireless data communications without compromising on performance or user experience.

The XO-VPN software option is available for order and shipment immediately for any XipLink Appliance Revision5 or XipLink Virtual image running XipOS 5.0 or higher.