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May 26th, 2016

Backhaul Synergies To Be Explored With New GVF-EMP London Conference

The latest GVF-EMP conference will highlight Cellular Backhaul, focusing on application of satellite technology to the brave new world of carrier network enablement for smartphones and tablets.

In co-ordination with the GSM Association (GSMA), the one-day, roundtable-style event on June 21 at London’s Strand Palace Hotel will explore the current interaction between the satellite and wireless industries, the current and future growth of data traffic from mobile devices, and how that will impact both cellular and satellite networks.  The conference is sponsored by Hughes, iDirect, and Intelsat, with panels featuring recognized operators and thought leaders in the wireless and satellite industry.
Cellular Backhaul: Smartphones & Tablets—To the Satellite Network & the World will be chaired by David Howgill, GVF’s Chairman of Cellular Backhaul Initiatives, and President of Huckworthy—a Washington DC-based provider of hybrid tactical satellite and wireless networks—and moderated by Lluc Palerm of Northern Sky Research (NSR), a global leader in providing satellite industry market research and consulting services to clients around the world.

The panels will explore the problems, risks and opportunities that this continued growth offers to both the satellite industry, to the wireless carriers, and to the businesses that will rely on these future networks, ranging from the Fortune 500 to government and the military, and from planes, trains and automobiles to schools, restaurants and businesses all around the data-hungry world.
The latest NSR research points to high throughput satellites (HTS) capacity price points expanding the addressable 3G/4G LTE market for satellite backhaul, enabling a significant rise in capacity demand. The NSR report, ‘Wireless Backhaul via Satellite’, 10th Edition, shows that satellite capacity demand is forecast to grow at CAGR 38.5 percent over the next ten years, entering the terabit era by 2025. This sets the stage for an engaging and fruitful conference for both the wireless and satellite industries.
Complimentary conference registration is open to GVF Members and qualified registrants from the telecommunications and government sectors.  Space is limited and registration is open on a first-come, first-served basis.  Registration and full program details are available here, or by contacting EMP paul.stahl@uk-emp.co.uk or GVF martin.jarrold@gvf.org directly.
David Howgill said, “The convergence of data networks to support critical business requirements, personal and consumer needs, fast-growing machine-to-machine (M2M) and burgeoning IoT markets means that traditional telecommunications infrastructures can only provide a part of the solution to escalating demand. The conference panellists will dig into the detail of how the satellite industry can fill the gaps and provide scalable platforms tailored to the seemingly never ending growth of mobile data.”
Mr. Palerm added, “Simply providing bandwidth and connectivity is no longer enough. One of the key value propositions for satellites is the ability to share capacity among multiple sites, which perfectly matches with the bursty traffic patterns of 3G and 4G. With the continued rise of media traffic, this pattern will only accelerate, which is leading driver for innovation in the mobile ecosystem.

More info: uk-emp.co.uk/current-events/cellular-backhaul-2016/