Satnews Daily
September 11th, 2017

Bridge Technologies Has a New Partner in India — Commedia Solutions

Bridge Technologies has named Commedia Solutions as a business partner for India, where that company will provide customers with Bridge’s extensive range of solutions for managing, troubleshooting and optimizing network performance — India has the largest payTV market in the world by subscriber numbers, with all urban and suburban areas now using digitally addressable set-top boxes (STBs).

Commedia specializes in developing, integrating and operating high performance media and broadcast infrastructure for broadcasters and service providers. The company constantly focuses on meeting and exceeding customer expectations; on value creation; and on providing innovative solutions that can lead to competitive advantage for its customers.

The Bridge Technologies family of media monitoring and analysis solutions ranges from advanced network core monitoring systems for national and international networks to edge-specific and even customer premises applications, delivering comprehensive alarming and display capabilities. Bridge Technologies products are designed to reduce OpEx by providing the confidence monitoring that eliminates unnecessary truck rolls to problem sites, and minimise churn by improving customer satisfaction. The company’s extensive range of  probes are telco-grade embedded devices that support monitoring of digital media including IPTV, OTT, cable, satellite and terrestrial signals.

According to James Chance, the APAC Regional Manager for Bridge Technologies, with some satellite and cable operators offering up to 500 services, and distribution networks covering huge geographic areas, quality control is a formidable task. While some operators have invested heavily in quality monitoring solutions, many operators have not been able to implement solutions, primarily due to their operational complexity, but also because of cost.Many quality control operations are still manual processes, with engineers reactively installing test and measurement equipment on an ad hoc basis. The partnership with Commedia will allow those companies to cost-effectively automate their monitoring procedures and enable them to significantly improve subscriber Quality of Experience.