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June 16th, 2019

SES' Steve Collar Opens the AVIA Satellite Industry Forum 2019 in Singapore

During the past year, the industry has witnessed profound changes in the satellite industry.

Evolving customer needs and requirements have led to fast-paced innovation from manufacturers and operators alike. Growth fundamentals for satellite will remain strong in the Asia Pacific region for the coming year and developments point to sustained growth in the medium-term, as well.

Photo is courtesy of Silvano Payne of Satnews Publishers.

As 2019 progresses, it will be of interest to many to find out what trends the satellite industry will see play out this year and what the key drivers of growth will be for both operators and customers.

The Avia Satellite Industry Forum 2019 initiated their session on June 17 at the Four Seasons Hotel Singapore — key highlights include...

  • What is at stake for the satellite industry?
  • Spectrum wars?
  • The NGSO revolution – what’s holding it up?
  • The role of satellite in video


Steve Collar, the President and CEO of SES, addressed the first issue listed above and discussed the prevailing trends in satellite telecommunications that have brought the industry to these crossroads. As he indicated, the industry must adapt to succeed in the years ahead. In this opening presentation, the trends and predictions that can be expect from the industry at large over the course of the year were presented as well as what some of the new options for sustainable and long term growth will offer.

Photo is courtesy of Silvano Payne, Satnews Publishers.