Satnews Daily
September 18th, 2016

X2nSat Has Their Finger On The Pulse Of Healthcare With SatBlue

A new, and potentially lifesaving, line of communications solutions for the healthcare industry was announced by X2nSat. SatBlue, its proprietary line, offers both voice and data services, SatBlue allows hospitals and medical office buildings the ability to customize a set of solutions based on their needs and existing infrastructure. 

This 20-year veteran satellite solutions provider leverages its experience with clients in the healthcare industry (X2nSat has many clients in the field, including the largest publicly-owned healthcare company), the company felt it important to emphasize its understanding of the unique needs hospitals and medical facilities face.

X2nSat Director of Sales, Tim Aboudara says, "When it comes to healthcare, a backup communications solution not only keeps the business running, it can help save lives. Many facilities today are relying on telecommunications to treat patients, whether it's through telemedicine, video conferencing, or transferring medical records via broadband. X2nSat understands the operational needs, as well as the regulations hospitals face when looking for business continuity or disaster recovery plans."

X2nSat has introduced three services as part of the SatBlue offering. 

  • SatBlue Voice offers voice continuity solutions including PBX voice redundancy, satellite phones, and mobile health clinics. 
  • SatBlue Data offers data and Internet redundancy, emergency response trailers, and telemedicine capabilities.
  • X2nSat is also introducing SatBlue Flex, a customized solution in which organizations can choose the combination of voice and data services most important to them.

Jena Kramer, Director of Marketing at X2nSat says, "This is an excellent opportunity for healthcare companies to get a customized voice and data solution without having to pay a custom price. SatBlue Flex also enables companies to start with the services most critical to them, and expand when the need for additional solutions arises."

With network solutions focused on reliability, scalability, and responsiveness, SatBlue by X2nSat offers solutions that evolve with the ever-changing needs of the healthcare industry.

X2nSat will be exhibiting at CHA's Disaster Planning for California Hospitals conference in Sacramento, California September 19-21 at Booth 59.