Satnews Daily
September 27th, 2017

New Space Activities Will Come to Luxembourg ... MOU With GomSpace

Luxembourg is serious about space, and has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with this company to work together to create a business unit on satellite operations.

GomSpace Group AB (”GomSpace”) and The Ministry of Economy in Luxembourg signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for their cooperation to develop, through a company in the Grand Duchy and 100 percent owned by GomSpace. The purpose is to create a Luxembourg based business unit with focus on operations of satellite constellations as well as data processing and distribution offered as a service to an international customer base, including a support center dedicated to regulatory affairs.

Within the framework of this MoU, the Ministry of the Economy will provide funding through the Luxembourg space program (LuxIMPULSE) and other types of R&D grants to the forthcoming subsidiary of GomSpace for research and development activities to take place in Luxembourg. By 2021, the company intends to employ up to 50 full time employees in the Grand Duchy.  

Luxembourg Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Economy, Étienne Schneider, stated that the implementation of GomSpace in Luxembourg will be widening the capabilities of the local expertise ecosystem, in particular in the nanosatellite segment. By choosing the Grand Duchy for their international expansion, GomSpace acknowledges the substantial efforts of the government over the last years to put in place the necessary measures to support the continued strengthening and diversification of its space sector, including but not limited to the initiative.

Niels Buus CEO of GomSpace Group AB added that with this initiative they will widen their participation in the value chain targeting full turn-key based solutions based on their nanosatellite technology. In Luxembourg they can find the human capital with experience in satellite operations and they expect that the eco-system being built up by the Luxembourg  Government will provide a strong foundation for scaling their business and partnering with other local key players.