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June 9th, 2011

Gilat...No Tears For Tier 1 With New VoIP Coverage To Russia (SatCom)

[SatNews] Gilat will provide vast coverage in their latest services to Russia.

Expanding network reach in one of the world’s largest remote regions with NetEdge Gateway Solution Gilat Satellite Networks Ltd. (NASDAQ: GILT), today announced that it has been selected by one of Russia’s largest telecom operators to expand network reach of data and telephony services with SkyEdge™ II broadband satellite network.

The operator is one of the leading telecommunication providers in Siberia, a region covering close to 30 percent of Russia. Gilat’s Sky Edge II solution will provide the operator with a solution for telephony trunking as well as providing essential data connectivity for remote education facilities. The telephony connectivity is enabled by using advanced integration of VoIP technology over satellite, converting the SS7 protocol to SIP-T, and resulting in a seamless expansion of the operator’s telephony network with VoIP throughout the vast expanse of the region.

The network includes Gilat’s NetEdge gateway solution which makes it possible to connect remote telephone exchange trunks within the region in a single hop. This solution enables the network operator to centrally manage the network without sacrificing voice quality or additional operating expenditure. The complex implementation of the network was fully completed in April 2011.

“This project is a solid testament to Gilat’s ability to address the unique requirements of regional operators as they are challenged to provide a communication services to underserved regions. Gilat’s solution allows operators to provide telephony connectivity across vast rural regions, utilizing multi-star/mesh architecture and providing SS7 functionality end-to-end over the satellite network,” said Arie Rozichner, Regional Vice President, Eurasia, Gilat.