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April 8th, 2015

@ NABSHOW, Quintech Will Present Their New RF Matrix Switch, ARCHIMEDES, +  Other Products...

[SatNews] The ARCHIMEDES RF Matrix Switch from Quintech is the new, stronger, smaller, and smarter industry benchmark in performance, size and price.

ARCHIMEDES is stronger than all other RF Matrices regarding the RF performance, e.g., variable gain and tilt, DC insertion, local user interface and many other technical features. It is smaller and hosts a 64 x 64 configuration in only 4 RU—the switch is smarter and possesses many unique features and redundancy options. This product, and others, will be on display by the company during the upcoming NABSHOW in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The L-Band Distributing matrix ARCHIMEDES allows for the largest configuration in the most compact chassis and is extremely reliable and organizes the core of the customers RF system. Optical inputs, unique redundancy options for inputs, outputs and controller and many more features provide great flexibility and reliability. ARCHIMEDES is built in standard configurations of 32x32, 32x64, 64x32 or 64x64. It can be easily upgraded to 64 x 64 in increments of 8.

The LNB power option for each RF input port is capable of delivering LNB power, polarity and the band of the LNB. The ARCHIMEDES matrix switch provides an integrated TV Receiver operated via the multi-touch display. Each input signal can be routed to the TV-Receiver, which can display select content routed through the switch.

For industry operators who require a larger configuration RF Matrix Switch system, Quintech's XTREME 256 supports a variety of large, symmetric and asymmetric configurations, such as 64x192 or 128x128, all in single 12 RU chassis.