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Current Satellite News
April 8th, 2015
At Baikonur, The Proton-M ILV Launch Vehicle is Prepped for MexSat-1 Launch
MexSat-1 (often referred to as MexSat Centenario in the Mexican press) was manufactured by Boeing Satellite Systems and uses the company's 702 HP platform.
Thor-7 + Sicral 2 All Prepped By Arianespace + Everywhere To Go...
Designated Flight VA222, liftoff is scheduled during a 1 hour, 54 minute. launch window opening on April 15 at 4:43 p.m. local time in French Guiana.
A FeatherCraft In Their Cap... SST-US, Aerojet Rocketdyne + NanoRacks Combine Forces For New Satellite Platform
“FeatherCraft will reduce payload integration and testing time for our customers, which facilitates rapid and cost-effective deployment of their payloads.”—Dr. John Paffet, CEO, SST-US.
Service Partnership Signed By YahClick With SkyGate
"The demand for widespread access to reliable broadband Internet in the Middle East has never been greater."—David Murphy, COO, Yahsat.
The Global Satellite TV Market Is Examined By NSR In An Upcoming Analysis...
This report contains the industry’s most comprehensive and in-depth view of all forms of Linear TV via Satellite.
@ NABSHOW, General Palumbo Will Keynote Media Technologies For The Military + Government Workshop
The Media Technologies for Military & Government Workshop focuses on the challenges faced by government and industry, solutions for those challenges and future opportunities.
Satellite Market Now Has New Radiation-Tolerant FPGA From Microsemi
Typical uses for RTG4 include remote sensing space payloads, such as radar, imaging and spectrometry in civilian, scientific and commercial applications.
Ball Aerospace Built GMI Boasts Flawless Performance During First On Orbit Year Of NASA's GPM Mission
The NASA Precipitation Measurement X-Cal working group noted the radiometer’s accuracy after analyzing GMI’s performance during its first year of operation.
BIGmate Joins In With KORE's M2M Hour During Connect 2015 Event
"KORE believes that CONNECT guests will be able to get a full understanding of the IoT and how best to approach the market.”—Alex Brisbourne, CEO, KORE.
@ NABSHOW, Quintech Will Present Their New RF Matrix Switch, ARCHIMEDES, +  Other Products...
The L-Band Distributing matrix ARCHIMEDES allows for the largest configuration in the most compact chassis.
LinkedIn Reveals Their Connections When They  Deliver Visionary Address at CommunicAsia2015 + BroadcastAsia2015
Social media isn't just gossip and photos of lunch, there are serious and solution-solving aspects such as LinkedIn.
Quintech Electronics and Communications... Hits Milestone Customers Switch To Broadcast RF Signal Switching 
announced that it has delivered one hundred and twenty-five of its QE3 systems to date, making the QE3 L-Band  Matrix Switching System for broadcast, cable, and satellite operating centers the most-selected product in its category,
NSR’s Aeronautical Satcom Markets, Third Edition Takes On Tracking All Sizes + Shapes Of Satcom Services
offers a unique guide to mapping revenues, types of units and capacity needs of passengers and crew on a global scale, by region, by service type and by airframe
ESA Addresses A Sobering Issue...What If An Asteroid Were Headed Towards Earth?
AIM will also put down a lander,  ESA’s first touchdown on a small body since Rosetta’s Philae landed on a comet last November.
TIA To Host oneM2M Showcase + Workshop To Share Transformative Changes 
The group’s work will ensure that machines and applications can communicate with each other across different platforms, industries, and sectors. 
UAE Space Agency Visits The U.S. To Strengthen Ties + To Develop Strategic Partnerships
he value of U.S. exports to the UAE in 2014 exceeded US$24 billion and more than 1,000 US companies operate in the UAE.
@ NABSHOW—Skyline Communications To Focus In On Their New DataMiner Product...
Visit the company's booth to experience how DataMiner, deployed by leading broadcasters, service providers and broadcast unions, takes care of your entire infrastructure, services, SLAs and unified media workflows.
Of SatBroadcasting™ Interest: @ NABSHOW, MobileViewpoint Will Launch WebStreamur Product Line
"WebStreamur gives the smaller content producers and sport teams easy access to a bigger audience and a global marketplace to monetize their content.“—Michael Bais, CEO, Mobile Viewpoint.
Non-Explosive Actuators From Eaton Expose Satellites To Space
“All non-explosive actuators were deployed in the model 9421 separation-nut configuration.”—Peter Anderson, Director, Eaton.
@ 31st Space Symposium, Space Systems Connectivity Solutions To Be Highlighted By TE Connectivity
TE will feature various end-to-end solutions for rugged and flexible connectivity that offer design engineers modularity for easy integration.
Satellite Data To Be Afforded To The Ukraine By The Canadian Government, Despite Its Own Data Shortage
The government received a request from Ukraine last year for imagery.
Of SatBroadcasting™ Interest: New 4K Ultra HD 8x8 Matrix Debuts From Gefen
“Today's corporate and presentation venues require a reliable method of accessing and distributing high-end Ultra HD content.” Tony Dowzall, President, Gefen.