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June 20th, 2017

Signalhorn Streams for South Stream Transport to Remote Connections in Russia and Turkey 

The TurkStream Offshore Pipeline

South Stream Transport's remote sites in Russia and Turkey will now have a secure and reliable network provided by Signalhorn. Signalhorn will provide a secure and reliable network that includes full hardware installation and maintenance to connect the remote sites in Russia and Turkey to the control room located in Amsterdam. South Stream Transport is an offshore pipeline company that specializes in the safe and environmentally responsible transport of oil and gas throughout Europe.

In order to ensure the connection is never lost, the Amsterdam site will house redundant backup systems and auto-failover systems. The offshore pipeline sites rely on the network connection to execute the safe extraction of oil, which makes it necessary that the signal is working. Signalhorn is a leader in ensuring that the harshest locations do not lose connectivity and through the redundant backup systems, South Stream can remain connected to provide Europe with energy.

Thomas Hahn, Country Manager at Signalhorn said that with energy so vital to everyday life, it is imperative that Signalhorn maintain the connectivity of the sites through their latest technologies and they look forward to providing South Stream Transport with their network services ensuring the most remote locations will be connected.