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February 10th, 2014

Iridium Communications—BURSTing With Good News (SATCOM)

[SatNews] Iridium Communications Inc. (Nasdaq:IRDM) has unveiled the first, one-to-many, global data broadcast service, Iridium Burst(SM), enabling enterprises to send data to an unlimited number of devices anywhere on Earth, whether inside buildings, in-vehicle or in aircraft.

Iridium Burst leverages the high power channels of the Iridium(R) satellite network to offer a cost-efficient, customizable and low-latency broadcast data service that can provide service globally with high signal penetration capabilities superior to traditional paging and broadcast services. From tsunami warnings to weather and traffic alerts, over-the-air updates and other machine-to-machine (M2M) applications, Iridium Burst presents an unrivaled opportunity for businesses, government agencies, militaries, and other entities needing to broadcast data.

"With the launch of this new broadcast service, Iridium Burst, we are filling a void in the satellite industry," said Bryan Hartin, executive vice president of sales and marketing for Iridium. "Until now, there was no practical, cost-effective option for transmitting data to a large number of remote devices across a country or continent. Iridium Burst provides new opportunities for our partners and their customers alike, by enabling data messaging to tens, hundreds, thousands or millions of devices anywhere on Earth with one transmission. No other network can provide truly global reach, and Iridium Burst leverages this unique capability to broadcast data to an unlimited number of devices and will enable new applications for satellite communications that were never before possible."

As organizations worldwide seek ways to quickly and efficiently communicate with people and devices, Iridium Burst's groundbreaking service offers transmissions that are four times more powerful than traditional satellite data services, reaching anyplace on the planet in as little as 20 seconds. In addition to penetrating vehicles and buildings, transmissions can penetrate partial obstructions and even weather phenomenon. Users can target Iridium Burst transmissions to specific devices, within specific geographic locations like towns or states, or to broad areas such as an entire continent.

Primary uses for Iridium Burst include:

  • Alert Networks: Government agencies, public safety and emergency response organizations can provide timely and reliable alerts for national disaster and weather warnings, terrorism and security alerts and updates, and Amber or Silver alerts.
  • Private Networks: Corporations and other private entities wishing to broadcast specific information to a lot of their assets. For example, advertisers updating electronic billboards; software updates, shipping and maritime companies dealing with logistics, fleet updates, and M2M devices
  • Command and control: M2M data and messaging sent to assets deployed in various locations. Military organizations that need to communicate in a timely, reliable and survivable manner to manage their troops and resources, such as ground troops in combat zones or supply vehicles in remote areas
  • Maritime Safety: Maritime agencies notifying rescue ships using Global Maritime Distress and Safety System (GMDSS) of ships in distress. Rather than having to contact each ship separately, all ships within the relevant area can be contacted simultaneously with one Iridium Burst transmission.

Iridium Burst is now available as a pay-per-use service compatible with the Iridium 9602GDB receiver as well as in future devices from Iridium and Iridium partners.

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