Satnews Daily
November 23rd, 2015

Getting Into Deepwater Is RigNet's New VSAT Network For GoM Platforms

[Satnews] RigNet, Inc. (NASDAQ:RNET) has been awarded a five-year contract to connect two deepwater tension-leg production platforms (“TLPs”) in the Gulf of Mexico (GoM) via a resilient satellite and wireless network.

In a first for the offshore oil and gas industry, RigNet will deploy an O3b Networks low latency, high-throughput MEO VSAT solution to deliver voice and data services to a TLP operating at a depth of 4,375 feet in Green Canyon block 653 in the Gulf of Mexico.  Satellite connectivity will be shared via microwave link with another TLP in a neighboring block eight miles away.  The second TLP will maintain a second geosynchronous VSAT connection as well to add failover capability to the networked platforms.

Executive Comments

Integrating O3b Networks’ high-throughput VSAT solution into this production platform network enables RigNet to provide a degree of performance typically associated with a terrestrial connection, without the infrastructure commitments of fiber links,” said Mark Slaughter, RigNet’s CEO and President.  “Low latency, high-throughput VSAT service is a key network element to support the growing demands of knowledge management and remote monitoring applications in the offshore production space.”

Drillers and operators have trusted RigNet to deliver innovative communications solutions in the Gulf of Mexico and beyond for a number of years,” said Hector Maytorena, Group Vice President, Managed Services.  “This important win in turbulent market conditions demonstrates our ability to create networks that meet challenging performance and resiliency goals for deepwater production facilities.”