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March 14th, 2017

Global Eagle Gets Strategic with Norwegian Cruise Line

Global Eagle Entertainment Inc. (NASDAQ:ENT) (“Global Eagle” or “Company”) has signed a multi-year strategic partnership agreement with Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings (NCLH) to enhance Internet and entertainment services across the Norwegian Cruise Line (NCL) brand’s fleet of 14 ships.

Under the agreement, Global Eagle is implementing flexible, tiered plans for WiFi, texting and video, giving passengers more choices. In the near future, guests should be able to use their own devices to access an integrated portal that includes TV programming, on-demand movies, games, and special event telecasts. Global Eagle also expects to be able to monitor usage and dynamically adjust bandwidth for each ship based on real-time demand, ensuring a consistent quality of experience (QoE) at all times.
According to Ross Henderson, NCL’s vice president of onboard revenue, under this new agreement with Global Eagle, the onboard communication and entertainment experience for guests will be expanded, plus, Global Eagle’s portal will enable the company to manage the onboard revenue-producing services, entertainment and information more efficiently.
Ole Kristian Sivertsen, the President of Global Eagle’s cruise, ferry and yacht service, added that this new partnership agreement with NCLH is a giant step toward achieving the company's vision of delivering an unparalleled QoE in reliable high-speed WiFi and entertainment for people on the move, whether on an airplane, cruise ship or luxury yacht.