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January 13th, 2020

Satellite Vu's New Views ... Office Relocation and Upcoming Events

Satellite Vu has opened a new office in the UK at Geovation, an Ordnance Survey initiative in association with HM Land Registry. This company, founded in 2016, is dedicated to addressing economic activity monitoring and climate challenges with a high resolution infrared satellite sensor. Satellite Vu's Earth Observation (EO) is dedicated to supporting open innovation and collaboration using location and property data. 

L-R: Simon Tucker, VP Business Development, Satellite Vu, Anthony Baker, CEO, Satellite Vu and Alex Wrottesley, Head of Geovation

Located in the heart of London, the new office space will place Satellite Vu within UK's technology hub. 

Anthony Baker, CEO, Satellite Vu, said that backed by industry and government, Geovation offers the ideal place for Satellite Vu to flourish, in the heart of a community renowned to be a center of innovation by customers and investors for location based services. Their satellites will provide users with unprecedented data that will help business make better decisions based on their new infrared satellite imagery insights and to tackle their most pressing environmental challenges. He can’t think of a better place in which to drive their business forward. 

The company will also be participating in two key upcoming events:

The World Future Energy Summit will take place in Abu Dhabi from January 13-16. Satellite Vu is a finalist at the Climate Innovations Exchange (CLIX) event and Simon Tucker, VP Business Development, will present a pitch on Sustainability in Space.  The event, launched in 2018, supports the UAE’s Ministry of Climate Change and Environment strategy to enable the sourcing and funding of climate change solutions and technologies. Satellite Vu technology will be directly applicable to problems of energy efficiency, productivity monitoring, pollution control and energy security. 

Satellite Vu will also be represented at the GeoBuiz event in Monterey, California on  January 13-14. Anthony Baker will present information regarding the Miniaturization and Innovation in Sensors panel from 11-11.45am., on January 14, during the NewSpace track. He will share his experience of how Satellite Vu’s use of commercial-off-the-shelf technology has driven down costs, while providing greater spatial resolution, higher temporal cadence and richer spectral coverage.

Simon Tucker added that they are looking forward to a great start to 2020. The opening of their new office in an environment where they can really innovate and push the business forward, combined with their participation in these global events gives then great momentum as they move into a new year. They look forward to the continued development of a business that has the power to help transform their world through better business decisions.